Underpinned by Lost In Translation-style isolation or a self-proclaimed “perennial yearning for pastures new and greener grass,” elements of far flung folk, electronica, country, krautrock and pop are seamlessly brought together in a worldlier embrace.


Modern Language (LP) Released 23/10/15 (Alien Boutique)
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Postcards From Jeff (EP) Released 11/03/14 (Alien Boutique)
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Postcards From Jeff sounds like its name: a love letter from a romantic time and place, marked equally by its picturesque view and halting brevity. Good music, wish you were here (CMJ)

A bold meticulously composed cinematic statement (Big Issue)

A sexy New Order (Louder Than War)

Intriguing and encapsulating Cinematic Music  (Manchester Evening News)

Truly charming. This could be a new genre  (Steve Albini)

The emotional depth of The National meets the atmospheric folk of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-era Wilco meets a hint of James Mercer  (Baeble)

This is the thinking man's indie rock in its purest form (1340 Mag)

Postcards From Jeff brings the tensions between town and country just a little bit closer. Working class Springsteen-ian ballads with a UK heart  (IMPOSE)

Heart warming blasts from the past. A cinematic masterpiece (NARC Magazine)

A dreamy ride that gets inside of you in a good way. This is a new type of dreampop, folks. Get on board, take a journey (In Your Speakers)

Taking vast almost cinematic synth beds and layering them with indie melodies and a gentle and somewhat understated vocal, this is dreampop with expansiveness
(I Love Pie)

A Brooding Indie Pop masterclass (Fecking Deadly)

This is music that latches on to your brain and refuses to let go—not that you're likely to mind  (Nooga)

A modern era classic (Jammerzine)


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