Life in the sticks can be seriously strange. From Myxomatosis stricken rabbits to agoraphobic house parties, the songs of melodic explorer Postcards From Jeff offer a new perspective of looking out from within the windswept valleys towards the bright lights of neighbouring cities.  

Conceived in the heart of rural Yorkshire within a recording studio between producer duties for other artists, Joss Worthington (aka Postcards From Jeff) plays, records, and mixes everything himself.  

Postcards From Jeff is heavily textured and cinematic, yet retains the charm of a far more simple stream of consciousness. Underpinned by a Lost In Translation-style isolation or a self-proclaimed “perennial yearning for pastures new and greener grass,” elements of far flung folk, electronica, country, krautrock and pop are seamlessly brought together in a worldlier embrace.


Modern Language (LP) Released 23/10/15 (Alien Boutique)
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Postcards From Jeff (EP) Released 11/03/14 (Alien Boutique)
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Postcards From Jeff sounds like its name: a love letter from a romantic time and place, marked equally by its picturesque view and halting brevity. Good music, wish you were here (CMJ) 

A bold meticulously composed cinematic statement (Big Issue) 

A sexy New Order (Louder Than War) 

Intriguing and encapsulating Cinematic Music  (Manchester Evening News) 

Truly charming. This could be a new genre  (Steve Albini) 

The emotional depth of The National meets the atmospheric folk of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-era Wilco meets a hint of James Mercer  (Baeble) 

This is the thinking man's indie rock in its purest form (1340 Mag) 

Postcards From Jeff brings the tensions between town and country just a little bit closer. Working class Springsteen-ian ballads with a UK heart  (IMPOSE) 

Heart warming blasts from the past. A cinematic masterpiece (NARC Magazine) 

A dreamy ride that gets inside of you in a good way. This is a new type of dreampop, folks. Get on board, take a journey (In Your Speakers) 

Taking vast almost cinematic synth beds and layering them with indie melodies and a gentle and somewhat understated vocal, this is dreampop with expansiveness 
(I Love Pie) 

A Brooding Indie Pop masterclass (Fecking Deadly) 

This is music that latches on to your brain and refuses to let go—not that you're likely to mind  (Nooga) 

A modern era classic (Jammerzine)

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